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Welcome to our little personal homepage. Here you can lean or share your feeling with us and other people who care to know how we are doing. Your visit to NailSpa should be relaxe and fun. Please do not heritage to share with other your good time with us.

★★★★★(Sun:12/18/2022) Nan Ross ( - I have been coming here for many, many years and their services have always been great. I came today without an appointment and they had many other appointments but the services were well worth the short wait.  
★★★★★(Fri:10/07/2022) Sarah ( - An did an amazing job!!! I got black dip powder nails with red glitter tips, and she killed it. My nails look gorgeous, and she was very kind!  
★★★★★(Sun:05/01/2022) Rebekah ( - Julie did a wonderful job with my nails. They honestly are the best they have ever looked. Definitely going to be going back for next set!  
★★★★★(Sat:09/25/2021) Brandi ( - Ana is great, I have been to other places but Nail Spa is the place to come to. The staff is great.  
★★★★★(Sat:07/03/2021) Nancy ( - I took a party of six in yesterday and even though we had no appointment and they were already busy we were all able to get manicures. The artists were wonderful and three teenagers are still delighted with their nail as are we grownups. I have been coming to Nail Spa for over 20 years and would not think of going anywhere else.  
★★★★★(Fri:09/25/2020) Cheri Broussard ( - I have been coming here for at least 10 years, since my granddaughter gifted me with my first pedi before she died. I continue the tradition and this salon is fabulous. Friendly, professional and sweet. I see that a couple of my favorites have left and I am so sad, but never worry because I have never had a bad technician there. Any service you desire can be obtained and they will even tweek to your personal preference. Wonderful place. Clean, comfortable and relaxing. I never go anywhere else.  
★★★★☆(Fri:02/28/2020) Carolan Stickney () - 👍  
★★★★★(Mon:09/09/2019) Janell - I have been going to Nail Spa for at least 15 years. It is a family business and I appreciate that the owners and employees are interested in providing quality services. Elan and Kim remember my nail preferences and  
★★★★★(Fri:05/24/2019) Rosa - I love NailSpa. I used to go to a nail shop in Bryan that took an hour to soak my nails off and another hour to put new SNS dip powder. At NailSpa it takes an hour to take off my old set and put on a new set, no cuts or sores. I won’t go anywhere else now! Super convenient and the staff is so sweet.  
★★★★★(Fri:05/17/2019) Lois - Dad John left he did a great job! Anyone use him that found another that did it his way?  
★★★★★(Sat:02/23/2019) Elizabeth - I’ve been coming to Nail Spa for a couple years now and I always enjoy my time there, but today was the icing on the cake! Marysol was beyond fantastic!! Her attention to detail is amazing! From everything about the massage chair to her perfect paint job, she made my experience top notch! I couldn’t have asked for better customer service!! Thank you so much!!!  
★★★★★(Sun:02/10/2019) Dolores Turincio - I have gone to Nail Spa since '06 and have never been disappointed. I was sad when Tami moved but An is doing a wonderful job and always takes her time.  
★★★★★(Wed:02/06/2019) Sandy ( - I visited your spa for the first time on my lunch break today. Isabel is so sweet and she did a wonderful job on giving me a Spa Pedicure-Marine Masque. I will definitely come there again for my next pedicure. I love being able to make my appointment online and checking in when you arrive. No wait!!!!  
★★★★★(Fri:07/20/2018) Katy ( - Hi! I would like to come get my nails redone for a discounted price. I already had them fixed once. And they are still falling off. I have only had them a week and a half. It’s dip. They are completely crooked! I have been coming to you guys for 2 years and never had this problem. I would like a manager to redo them.  
★★★★★(Fri:05/11/2018) Janice - Just had nails and toes done by Kay. Ouch! Each finger and toe was twisted sideways to accommodate what she needed to do. I didn’t leave because my daughter in law was treating me for Mother’s Day...  
★★★★★(Wed:05/25/2016) Christi Cooke - I use 2-3 girls there depending on when I am able to come in and who is there and they are all the best I have ever had. They are fast but yet my solar nails & pedicures always turn out beautiful!! And not to mention the online appointments is the best thing ever! So easy and convenient!!!  
★★★★★(Sat:05/14/2016) Crystal McCradic ( - I have going here for awhile the are always so nice and do a wonderful quality job. Thank You  
★★★★★(Thu:05/12/2016) Becky McCarty ( - I was introduced to nail spa a few years ago by a college student at that time. I live the nail spa. A very clean and pleasant atmosphere with top quality pedicures done by professionals (in my opinion).  
★★★★★(Tue:01/26/2016) Abigail ( - Made an appointment and was in right away. Nicest manicure I've had in town.  
★★★★★(Mon:12/21/2015) Madison Adams - Every time that I visit Nail Spa they always do a great job for a great price! Definitely my favorite nail salon in College Station.  
★★★★★(Tue:09/22/2015) CarolanneT ( - My Nail Spa never fails to 100% satisfy me. I am VERY picky and always seem to have to correct a nail tech, but NOT HERE. I\'ve been serviced by a couple different technicians and they are ALL fabulous! I highly recommend the 40$ pedicure (you are by far getting your moneys worth) and their shellac is a great quality and they have hundreds to choose from! I will never go anywhere else!  
★★★★☆(Wed:08/12/2015) Denise - I have only been to nail spa twice most recently 2 weeks ago and got the full work up, spa pedi which was just what I needed. I can't remember the girls name I had but she was very sweet and friendly and made sure I was as comfy as I could get. Then was a full set another nice friendly girl that did an awesome job on my nails. She made sure I was satisfied and liked how they were done. Most importantly she did hurt or cut my finger. I've tried other shops that are more concerned with rushing thru the process and end up filing my nails too thin or cutting the sides of my fingers but not here. Which makes it alot easier to relax. Next was face waxing and for the most part I was satisfied the only I will say I was a little disappointed about is I noticed the next day there were still some small areas that hair was left. Other than that this is a wonderful place I would definitely recommend to anyone.  
★★★☆☆(Mon:07/13/2015) Donie - I have become a pretty regular customer since moving to College Station last year. I have always been happy with my mani/pedides and even started bringing my elderly mother in with me.I have had a different manicurist each visit and all have done a good job. This past Thursday morning we went in as a walk in. got right in. I don't go for the polish, I go for all the amenities; well today, only four days later, I find the callouses on my little toes are as bad as when I went in. In the future, I will learn the person's name. I never want that manicurist again.  
★★★★★(Wed:07/01/2015) Elise - Nail Spa is the best place to get your nails done! I always make my appointments with Monica! She is great at massaging, painting, and making sure I am satisfied with my nails. It is nice to go back every time because she always remembers who I am. She even remembered that I had surgery and asked how it went. The other manicurists are friendly and kind!  
★★★★★(Thu:05/28/2015) kathy teague ( - Hey Elan...Hope you r there even though it's Thursday....!!!!!!!  
★★★★★(Wed:12/03/2014) Renee ( - I have been going to Nail Spa since it opened and have been through a few different people servicing my nails, ALL have been GREAT and the environment is welcoming. Melissa and Isabel are awesome and who I have been going to for the last couple of years and have not / will not go any where else! No matter who services you, you will always get great results. Thanks, Nail Spa!  
★★★★★(Mon:09/29/2014) Sydney - Ever since I moved to College Station three years ago, I have tried different nail salons. I ALWAYS go back to Nail Spa, and I refuse to try anything else. The appointment process is super easy if you don't want to wait, the prices are affordable, and the service has always been excellent. I used to get the full set, but now I have switched to Shellac because of the price and awesome job they do! A shellac mani literally lasts over two weeks for me! I recommend Nail Spa to anyone looking for an affordable nail salon with high quality.  
★★★★★(Sat:08/30/2014) Heather - Yuri was great! She really took her time to provide a great service. I'll definitely be coming back.  
★★★★★(Mon:08/11/2014) Zoe Phelps ( - Nail Spa is the most hospitable, affordable and relaxing place to get your nails done in College Station! A Shellac manicure is only $20, and the nail artists do a great job! Love the family owned atmosphere and friendly staff.  
★★★★★(Mon:06/09/2014) nallely ( - She does a good work on my nails :)  
★★★★★(Tue:03/18/2014) Barbara Mann ( - I have been going to the Nail Spa since it opened many years ago. I love the people and the service. It has become so busy now that you have to wait sometimes but it is so worth the wait! They always make my visit there enjoyable and I love the selection of shellac colors and the pedicures are fantastic. Love the massage chairs! I have never left this place unhappy with the services they provide. Thanks, Nail Spa!  
★★★★★(Mon:12/09/2013) Alison Frank - I absolutely love Nail Spa. They offer many different kinds of manicures and pedicures, and they give you a whole book to peruse while your feet are soaking. I like the availability of choosing my options and customizing my experience. They do extra steps on basic pedicures, like a sugar scrub exfoliation, and timed 5 minute foot massage. The environment is very relaxing and low key. They have done some remodeling and it looks very nice. Shellac manicures here are reasonably priced.  
★★★★★(Tue:11/05/2013) Kasia Krozel ( - She does a wonderful job! Everything is neat and perfect. Truly cares about her customer and does a terrific job. Coming back just for her! HIGHLY recommended!  
★★★★★(Thu:08/15/2013) Devika Hazra - This is the best salon in town. For starters, the price range is reasonable. And at that price, the service is superb. I think all the staff members are really great at their work but my favorite is Elan. I always ask for her. She is very meticulous and gentle. I also like taking to her when I go there. I am very happy with this place and as long as I am in College Station I think I will stick with this place for spa services.  
★★★★★(Wed:05/29/2013) Sherrie - First time coming and even though I had to wait a little bit,( due to graduation) it was well worth it to me. Elan did my nails and she did an amazing job on them. I have been a faithful customer to Super Nails for almost 8 years now, & usually always have one chip or break off. Not the case here at Nail Spa. First time here and very happy with the service I got. Elan is very sweet and funny. She makes conversation like she has known me forever. I will for sure be coming back for now on for all my spa services.  
★★★★★(Wed:02/20/2013) Melody ( - It was my first time here. After going to another nail salon for almost 5 years, I decided it was time for a change. At the previous nail salon, prices were going up & the services & customer service was declining. So I looked online & found the Nail Spa. I tired it out today....loved it! I immediately got the the feeling of relaxation as I walked thru the door. The facility is very clean, have soothing music playing, & have soothing surroundings throughout the whole facility. It was so relaxing that all I wanted to do was sleep! The employee, Elan, was very welcoming, polite, friendly, gentle & just had great customer service all around. I would definitely recommend the Nail Spa to anyone who is trying to relax & enjoy some quiet time.  
★★★★★(Mon:02/04/2013) kathy teague ( - Elan is just so awesome..She does nails great..I won't go any place else and if she is off. I will wait til she is working..And they last so long..and has a GREAT personality overall..Hope she never leaves... :-)  
★★★★★(Thu:01/31/2013) Samantha Broadway - I have been going to NailSpa for years and I love it. All of the employees are wonderful, but Melissa is my favorite, she does a fantastic job everytime. I highly reccommend this to place to everyone who gives me a compliment on my nails or pedicure. I always leave satisfied. They also have a great selection of nail polish colors to chose from especally shellac, but they could order more of the regular nail polish and order more trendy colors that are up in coming. NailSpa is the best service in the BCS area.  
★★★★★(Thu:11/01/2012) Crystal ( - I love this place n the people been going here for 8yrs now.luv u guys. I highly recommend you try them out u will love it.  
★★★★★(Sun:09/16/2012) Angela F. - I love Nail Spa! They are friendly and do a great job on my pedicure!  
★★★★☆(Sat:09/01/2012) Rex D. - I moved from San Francisco and stopped by the Nail Spa for a pedicure. The building is huge and reminds me of a nail salon factory. Lots of workers busily rushing around taking care of everyone. It's not a quiet, zen, posh spa at all but it gets the job done: - They offer a lot of pedicure and manicure services ranging from 20.00-50.00$. You'll be able to find a service that fits your needs. - They have plenty of pedicurists and spa chairs that your wait won't be too long - The check in process is pretty high tech with a touch screen where you enter your name - OPI polishes to choose from, they also offer shellac - Customer service from the receptionist and my pedicurist were great - I got the Indulgence pedicure w marine mask and it was really great. The massage was really good and the entire service was about 30 minutes long. The scrub and exfoliation were great and the polish application was meticulous. - If you are looking for an upscale ambiance, this is not the place for that. - The decor is like a Hodge podge of furniture, outdated and could use a good cleaning as far as dust and tidying up. It feels a little cluttered. - There are a range of prices but I paid 35.00 for my service. I think that price point is a bit high for this city as pedicures in San Francisco are 25.00-35.00. But I was happy with my pedicure and will be going back and the fact that this place was pretty busy with patrons is a good sign.  
★★★★☆(Fri:08/31/2012) Kristy Berger ( - Elan did my nails about 2 weeks ago and they still look awesome just grown out. She did an amazing job! Nails that I've had done at other salons normally start peeling up around the cuticle and along the sides but not these! And Elan was so sweet and talkative! Made me feel so welcome. NailSpa is my place to go now - I will not be going anywhere else! I even have an appointment today after work for a refill :)  
★★★★★(Thu:08/23/2012) Angie Shafer - I absolutely LOVE going to The Nail Spa! The staff goes above and beyond in regards to customer service. Monica does a WONDERFUL pedicure (and my fav is the zero gravity pedi!). The Nail Spa has even accomodated GROUP pedicures in their regular pedi chairs - yep, 7 best friends, all loaded down with their favorite BYOB flavors, all getting pedis at the same time!  
★★★★★(Mon:07/23/2012) Kathy Teague ( - Rubi is awesome on pedicures. To be so small she has such great strength and really makes you feel good when you leave ......This is the only nail salon I will ever go to .. Most everyone there is very friendly and talkative ..  
★★★★★(Fri:05/18/2012) Gayle - I love this place!!!! And I like Maria's service. She is the best! Well, I know my husband would disagree because he uses Tracey. We both have been going here for about a year and I would not think of going anywhere else. They aim to please. You just have to tell them what you want and how you want it. If you have not had a mani, pedi, massage, you don't know what you are missing. OMG, it is wonderful. My husband and I love this place!!!!!  
★★★★★(Tue:05/01/2012) Karen G - I have been going to Nail Spa for many years...I have had my pedis and manis and waxes done by several of them over the years and they are fabulous! They all are very detail oriented and so friendly. They make you feel welcome the minute you walk in the door. I moved away and still manage to come back now and then to be pampered by the best!!!! Love this place!!!  
★★★★★(Thu:03/15/2012) Collin - Took my wife but I ended up being pampered On one of our first visits to the city (we are new to College Station) I took my wife to NailSpa on a recommendation from a friend. I dropped her off and made a dash for the door but the girls would have none of that. They insisted that I stay for a facial. Wow! I am not known to be a metro guy, but I could learn to like this. My face looked and felt better for days. My wife was equally pleased with her manicure and pedicure. This place is first class.  
★★★★★(Wed:03/07/2012) KKarenW - I was recently given a gift certificate to NailSpa in has never felt so smooth! The technician who was doing my nails was extremely engaging, fun and very detail oriented. They take their time, unlike other salons around BCS, you do not feel rushed or unattended to. And perhaps for me, it is one of the most important things in the service. My facial was done by friendly aesthetician (i am sorry I do not remember her name) and it was wonderful as well! I am definitely going to this place for more beauty treatments and waxing is the next on my list! So stay tuned :)  
★★★★☆(Wed:01/04/2012) Desiree' - Have been going to Nail Spa for almost 9months! I have recommended all my friends and co workers! Only problem is we ALL like the same polish!Lol So there maybe a time when they are out...but either way Nail Spa is stillmy favorite place to go!  
★★★★★(Fri:11/11/2011) Cindy - Great Results!!!!!!!! Very nice location. It is a nice salon, with nice employees. I have gotten shellac - uv gel nails here twice, and they always look amazing when I walk out the door.The gel nails here are definitely very reasonably priced. The first time i paid $25 for French permanent manicure. This place is definitely a must-try in BCS - nice staff, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices. A+!!  
★★★★★(Thu:11/10/2011) Jana - I've been to Nail Spa twice and have been pleased both times. It is a very large location, they have tons of nail and spa chairs. The employees do a good job  
★★★★★(Fri:03/04/2011) Barbara - I went to NailSpa,College Station because I had a gift certificate. The spa was very conveniently located on the way home so I decided to stop by. It was not busy that day and the friendly associate immediately sat me in the chair to start my pedicure. I decided to try the 'Exclusive Retreat ' pedicure, simply because I have never heard of something like that before. It was fabulous! I also had manicure done, and what impressed me the most was the attention to details and the fact that I did not feel rushed by anybody at the salon. I enjoyed my time at the spa and will come back for more.  
★★★★★(Tue:03/01/2011) Samanta - Great Results!!!!!!!! Very nice location. It is a nice salon, with nice employees. I have gotten uv gel nails here twice, and they always look amazing when I walk out the door.The gel nails here are definitely very reasonably priced.  
★★★★★(Mon:02/28/2011) cheri1951 - This is the only place I will take my granddaughter for a pedicure. Clean, efficient and reasonably priced. I've even started getting pedicures with her. They do a fantastic job and lasts a long time.  
★★★★★(Thu:02/17/2011) Stacey - From yahoo: I will never go anywere else in town but the Nail Spa. They took there time, did a great job, and were cheap! I haven't had my nail refilled in 3 weeks and they aren't even breaking off yet. They did an excellent job with a very friendly service a relaxing atmosphere. If you go anywere else they will rush and hurt your fingers, but no this place. They were GREAT!  
★★★★★(Mon:11/29/2010) Stephanie ( - First time at NailSpa.... I went in today to try out the OPI UV gel manicure. I've never done it before, and I've heard great things about it. The salon is decorated beautiful and very clean. I'm not sure how all of the manicurists and workers are, but I am so lucky to have had Tracy go my uv gel manicure. She was super friendly from when I walked in, gave me a great greeting, and gave me many helpful tips for my nails and skin. She took her time and was a perfectionist with my nails. She filed them beautifully and looked at every little detail. I will definitely be going back here again to get my nails done, and I will be sure to request Tracy. Thank you so much! you made my trip there a pleasure!  

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